As a professional painting company, we passionate in catering painting services with reasonable packages. Achieving a fine finish gives you that best impressions who can only compliment the architecture of a historic or contemporary home. We are committed to quality workmanship, courteous customer service and beautiful & lasting results.
At Blessings, one can find their goals to be exceed in reaching all your expectations. We serve clients the best in making their dream come true when they meet us. Whether your painting project plans involves new construction or a historic restoration, interior or exterior, or as any kind of stencil or pencil works on walls, we welcome the opportunity to join us.

01/ House painting

House Painters team from Blessings, have been providing best quality interior & exterior house painting services to clients for more than 30 years. Together with our team brand extensions joined to be like Dulux, Asian, Nippon and Berger, we work closely with clients to help create a comfortable living space. Whether it is for an entire new home, single room or maintenance work we make it complete in fulfilling it. Our accurate method has been perfected over many years and works to be well to get our clients the best results in terms of quality and time management. Speak to our experienced exterior and interior house painters for more information or Schedule an appointment with our consultants.

02/ Office Painting

No job is too big or small, we have a history of completing high quality work with satisfaction and always meet safety requirement. Look of your office workplace which greatly depends on the shade of the colour you choose. As professional commercial painters, our guarantee is to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing finish of your office premises. Experts of office interior, exterior painters can advise and guide you in choosing the perfect colour to turn your commercial project as a dream workstation.

03/ Interior Painting

Home or Office, Interior wall painting adds charm to your interiors while it simply protecting your exterior structure of your home against extreme weather conditions. We initiate in the process of where once the planning phase has been completed, we move onto the work. Our interior painting process follows to a strict quality control protocol, constructed to provide you with the best possible finish and a safe working environment for our team. Team of our expert Interior painters can advise and guide you in choosing that perfect colour to turn your dream home or office atmosphere. Get your estimate to plan accordingly.

04/ Exterior Painting

Exterior painting as a very tedious affair as it connects to people so fast in attracting, especially in societies with different members we have a different perspective in completing in project with desired cuts. We completely navigate you from planning to process with several steps that ultimately meets your level of satisfaction in choosing us. We get suggestions from other sort of experts in the industry, to provide you with hassle-free, best-in-quality and economical painting options, along with the value-added services like Exterior textures and Waterproofing for your resident or office.