Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets or rugs serve many purposes in a house, office, or hotel. The home décor is not complete without a carpet having a unique design and attractive color. It enhances the appearance of the house, and gives a softer feel to the home. It also protects us from slip-and-fall accidents.

We regularly wash and clean the surface of the home but skip the carpet. As a result, the dust keeps accumulating in it. As a carpet becomes dirty, it causes many problems. Due to dust and dirt, it becomes dull and looks dirty. They not only increase the indoor pollution, but also develop bacteria over time. A dirty carpet can cause respiratory and skin problems.

01/ Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet or rug is a job better done by professionals. There are different types of carpets, and washing them often requires some technical knowledge. Cleaning a carpet is an uphill task and normal person cannot clean it properly. It is heavy and even lifting it is not possible for one person. It takes much time and energy to wash the carpet. In Dubai, people come to us each time they need their carpet cleaned and washed.

02/ Machine cleaning at our facility

If your carpet or rug cannot be cleaned onsite, our technicians will safely and expertly remove the same and bring it to our facility. Our facility is equipped to handle large carpets and can easily remove any grime or dirt and stains from larger carpets in special machines. First, the carpet is washed with large brushes and shampoo and cleaning agents are applied to loosen up dirt and grime. Then the rollers press the carpet firmly to extract stains and dust and high pressure jets of water wash the stains away. Thereafter the carpet is rolled and put into a dryer to remove excess moisture and finally hung under industrial fans to air dry. A final quality check is conducted by our technicians to remove any fleece or micro-fibers and then safely wrapped in plastic and delivered back to your home or office.

03/ What makes us different?

1.We clean your carpets and rugs at our own facility and do not sub-contract to ensure high standards of cleanliness and service

2.We can handle large carpets and rugs and restore them to their original state with our hi-tech machines and cleaning agents

3.We can expedite your cleaning and provide same day service in most cases. If you have an important requirement, please ask our technical staff for further assistance. Book now or speak to us.

04/ Guarantee in All Our Services

100% Guarantee Cleaning

Fully Careful & Safety Guard

Expert Team Members

Special Careness Risk-Free

Quality Standards

5+ Years Experiences