Disinfection & Sanitization Service

We are Dubai Municipality approved disinfectant company to provide professional Sanitization & Disinfection Services in Dubai hotels, malls, offices, public buildings and residences.

The chemicals which we use are safe to use around children, eco-friendly and biodegradable. We use hospital-grade approved disinfectants for Disinfection Services in Dubai offices, shops, hospitals, or even homes.When you choose Blessings Facilities Management Services L.L.C services, our qualified professionals who are experts with high-tech equipment apply disinfectant to all surfaces of your premises to eliminate viruses and bacteria.
However, we achieve more efficiency through a series of professional steps that we work with.

01/ Step 1:

We will measure the area to be disinfected/sterilized.

02/ Step 2:

We use PPE (Full-body coverall, face mask, hand gloves) and prepared the disinfectant solutions in well-ventilated areas.

03/ Step 3:

We will disinfect the rooms and surfaces of the hall, floors and fixed items using an electric ULV Cold fogger machine, the fogging mist can settle for 15 minutes to sterilize the pathogen. After disinfection, the area is completely cleaned, cleaning practices and cleanliness should be routinely monitored. Risk assessment is done when performing service to avoid contamination to hands and equipment during sterilization.

04/ Disinfection Service Highlights

1. Bio-safe, hospital-grade disinfectants used.

2. Full-body protective suit and best in class equipment

3. Trusted and Professionals Disinfection Team

4. We are Dubai Municipality Approved Disinfection Company

5. Our Disinfectant Chemical kills 99.9% viruses

6. Experienced professionals

7. Positive case or precautionary service for COVID-19 disinfection.

8. 100% safe for kids and pets.