HVAC & Chiller Maintenance

HVAC is a key aspect of any residential or commercial building. Blessings Facilities Management Services L.L.C General Maintenance has a huge team to provide service. Our team is available 24/7 for services to help out with the problems. We provide advanced solutions to deliver healthier, safe & odorless air.

Blessings Facilities Management Services L.L.C AC Repair Services in Dubai is the leading key factor in providing the best quality solution for all AC-related malfunctions. We provide industrial/commercial and residential AC repair, maintenance, and installation services in Dubai. Our expert ac engineers and technicians have the competent technique to diagnose, install, maintain, and repair your expensive ac unit in the highest response.

01/ Installation of AC

For proper installation of any type of AC unit, you can avail the great preference from the AC installation company. Get the prolonging and energy-efficient repair and installation services for Central air conditioning, Portable air conditioner, Split or ductless air conditioner, window air conditioner through the professional AC repairing services in Dubai. During the high temperature, every homeowner wished to have adequate cooling air from their AC unit and in the instant breakdown of this unit it required fast and responsive repairing and that could found through emergency AC repairs service Dubai.

02/ AC Duct Cleaning & Maintenance

Blessings Facilities Management Services L.L.C is skilled in all types of HVAC/AC duct cleaning services dubai. Its main duct fabricating deeds are supply, installation, fabrication, and maintenance of all premises in the best quality.

We offer these services in all residential villas or commercial buildings, hotels, warehouses, schools, and in-office towers, etc. We are specialized in air duct cleaning, maintenance, and repair services in Dubai.

03/ AC Repairman In Dubai

Blessings Facilities Management Services L.L.C is renowned all throughout for the dedicated crew that undertakes and tackles annual contracts for all air conditioners at an expensive budget in the market.

Our competent engineers give emergency repair service for any instant breakdown of the air conditioning systems.

We provide the AC accessories parts and gas refilling, air filter cleaning on a regular base and we detect quarterly your air conditioning unit.

04/ Mechanical Chiller Maintenance Points

The Examination of all water gulfs and sources for holes ought to be done regularly. All segments of the blower unit ought to be reviewed including checks for oil levels, releases, vibrations, working temperatures varieties. And Electrical contacts ought to be investigated and cleaned. Channel dryers ought to be checked, and messy, old or defective channels supplanted altogether. The Air-cooled Water Chillers Only and Cooling curls should be reviewed for bending in blades, and indications of consumption. Condenser fan assessments ought to be done with accentuation on direction check for indications of wear, helpless oil. Belts and couplings ought to likewise be checked and changed when essential. Condenser loops ought to be investigated for holes, erosion, and spaces of wrinkling or blockage. For air-cooled chiller maintenance, return air dampers ought to be investigated for ideal activity, adjustment combined with checks for heading arrangement and oil. Outside air dampers for an air-cooled chiller framework ought to be investigated similarly as return air dampers.

05/ Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Chillers

Here are a couple of tips for keeping up your modern chillers underneath: Keep up your Daily Logs As fundamental as this may appear, having a day-by-day record of working conditions, the pressing factor, and temperatures in the chiller unit, just as the liquid levels and stream rate, could help rapidly anticipate the probability of future harm to the chiller machine. Keeping a chiller log sheet is favorable as a pre-emptive chiller maintenance timetable can be organized before the beginning of genuine harm.