Home Cleaning Services

The house is a place where we spend most of our time. We eat, relax, and sleep in the house. It needs to be in a certain way to serve the purpose. One of the most important things we want in our house is the cleanliness. The house cleaning in Dubai is a regular task and we have to spend much time and energy to do it.

Why spend so much time and energy on home cleaning when you can have a Blessings Facilities Management Services L.L.C do that? You can invest your time in a valuable task. You can spend more time with friends and family if you outsource the house cleaning task.

01/ General Cleaning:

We take on dusting, vacuuming as well as moping of rooms of the home as for each your necessity. We thoroughly clean hard to achieve fixtures of your property like enthusiast, light as well as your ac.

02/ Bedroom cleaning:

This consists of disinfecting as well as cleaning the actual mattress, drape, wardrobe along with other furniture as well as fixtures inside your bedroom.

03/ Bathroom cleaning:

Our personnel undertakes heavy cleaning from the bathtub such as mold cleaning, cleaning associated with bathroom kitchen sink and cupboards. We wash and clean the toilet tiles along with other fittings within the bathroom.

04/ Kitchen cleaning:

Our expert cleaners wash and thoroughly clean the muck and grime that accumulate in your kitchen walls. We take on cleaning associated with hard to achieve spots such as under as well as behind the actual appliances, within the kitchen cupboards and underneath the sink.